Hi, I’m Nicki Goff, aka Nicolette…

Gardening became part of my life way back…

Growing up on a small farm in the ’50’s was where it all began. I was one of eight children, all of us sharing chores before and after school. Every year, my dad would prepare the ground for a huge garden – probably an acre at least. He’s plough it, disk and harrow it and spread manure for fertilizer. Then it would be up to mom and all of us who were old enough to help in planting.

Mom would start her seedlings in the sunny covered porch off the kitchen in March. Flats and flats of cabbages, onions, tomatoes, celery and lettuce. These were cared for and potted up as they grew. Long rows of potatoes were the first to go in the ground. As mid May rolled around, we’d help plant the seedlings and more seeds – turnips, carrots, beans, peas, squash and pumpkins and corn.

By this time, the perennial herbs – chives, thyme, sage – would be green. Strawberry and raspberry plants were starting to show first blossoms, and rhubarb was ready to pick. In our currant patch, blackcurrant, gooseberry, red and white currant bushes leafed out, and we’d often find tiny bird’s nests in their branches.

Summer was a time of hard work, weeding and watering, harvesting and canning. But it was also a time of wonderful fresh vegetables and fruits covered with organic whipped cream from our Guernsey cows. We swam in the creek, took lazy days of lying on the hayricks and dreaming of life to come…

Nicki Goff
aahhh… the early morning coffee in my garden¬†has a special flavour!