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Raised Bed Gardening

Raised bed gardening, space efficient and attractive, presents a secure and valuable area for your plants, vegetables, and flowers to thrive. Whether for aesthetics or accessibility, modern gardeners are

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15 Reasons to Go Organic

Clean air, clean water and clean food are just three reasons to go organic. By going organic – with your buying power and in your own garden – you’re protecting our environment, keeping

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Tea Herbs: Leaves to Brew

Tea Herbs: Healthy and Delicious What could be more invigorating than filling your teapot with a blend of fresh tea herbs, and enjoying an early morning cup of herbal tea from your own herb garden! Each

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Growing Tulips

  Quick Facts for Growing Tulips: Common name: Tulip Botanical name: Tulipa Group: Bulbous perennial Flowering time: Usually March to May Planting time: August or September Height: Varies, from 15cm

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Purple Foliage Plants

Purple foliage plants: the royalty of the plant kingdom In ancient Rome, certain shades of purple were reserved for the rulers. Wearing purple by non-royals was punishable by death. This royal color in

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How to Divide Day Lilies

What are Day Lilies? If you’re looking for a drought resistant, long lived, hardy  and easy to care for perennial to solve some of your landscaping problems, then day lilies (Hemerocallis spp)

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