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Make a Garden with Straw

Garden With Straw: Grow Veggies in Straw Bales What the heck is a straw bale garden, I wondered. How can veggies grow in straw bales? When I picked up the book, the sub-title really caught my eye: Straw

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The Sun Pit Solar Greenhouse

A Sun Pit Solar Greenhouse:  Extend Your Growing Season If you live in an area with a lot of sunny clear days, then a sun pit solar greenhouse could be just the ticket to becoming self-sufficient. This

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Window Boxes Jazz Up Your Home

Window Boxes Add Color and Charm And that’s true, whether you’re in an apartment, a suburban ranch-style house or a country farmhouse. Filled with bright flowers and cascading greenery, they

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Healthy Garden: 9 Tips

Improve Garden Health As vegetable gardeners, many of us expect a heck of a lot from our small planted areas. Because the plants are often close together and fertilized beyond what nature would, they are

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Rhododendrons – Flowering Favorite

Hardy Rhododendrons Beautify Rhododendrons have become one of my favorite shrubs. These gloriously flowering evergreen shrubs come in colors and varieties to suit almost any region and any garden. They

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Antioxidant Herbs and Spices

Antioxidant Herbs for Health Herbs and spices can take your cooking from mundane to marvellous. But did you know some of the common herbs you can easily grow are sources of antioxidants to improve your

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