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New Zealand Spinach: New Greens

New Zealand spinach in the garden Tired of your spinach plants bolting before you get to enjoy them in your salads? Why not plant New Zealand spinach this spring. New Zealand spinach is also known as

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Winter Reading for Gardeners

  Winter Reading for Gardeners Winter winds, freezing nights and days, rain or snow – and the garden sleeps. Is there any better time to catch up on your reading – about gardening, of

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The Hoop Style Greenhouse

Hoop Greenhouse: Simply Great! A greenhouse is one of the most useful additions for any gardener, regardless of whether they are hobbyists or commercial growers. In choosing a greenhouse, the cost is

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Companion Planting – Does it Work?

Companion planting: growing 2 plants together that will benefit each other So what are those benefits? Companions improve plant growth – Legumes benefit their neighbours by enriching the soil with

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Three Evergreen Ornamental Shrubs

Evergreen Ornamental Shrubs: 3 Garden Favourites Shrubs with evergreen foliage and attractive flowers are the bones of good landscaping. But do you know which ones will do well with your climate and

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Hypertufa How-To

What is Hypertufa? Are you tired of paying big dollars for useful garden containers? Sure, you want your containers to be attractive as well as useful, but you can pay over $100 for a large ceramic or

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