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Deterring Garden Pests: Save Your Garden

Recipes and Remedies for Deterring Garden Pests …Deer, racoons, rabbits and squirrels – lovely to look at, but devastating to the unprotected garden. Arrgh! Those pesky deer cruised through

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Oriental Poppies – a Garden Favorite

Jazz up your garden with oriental poppies In my morning and evening walks, I’ve been noticing multitudes of oriental poppies adding vivid splashes of color to many gardens and public parks. Here

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The Best Recipe for Compost

How do you create a recipe for compost? Imagine yourself as a chef. To cook a delicious meal, you select the best ingredients and combine them in a certain way, and in measured quantities to create wonderful

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Mini Greenhouse: A Great Investment

Mini Greenhouse – Small Investment, Big Returns Greenhouses do not have to be large and spacious to be useful. The big ones are great if you are a commercial grower, or live on an acreage, but if

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Growing Culinary Herbs: Now on Kindle

Whew! My new book is ready to download instantly from Kindle. Seems like 3 months of research, writing, re-writing and brain-freeze (at times) has paid off. “Growing Culinary Herbs” has been

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5 Uncommon Herbs for Your Garden

Uncommon Herbs: Five for the Garden We all are familiar with the more common culinary herbs like basil, oregano, thyme and parsley. Here are 5 more uncommon herbs you may want to plant. Comfrey (Symphytum

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