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Growing Rhododendrons

Rhododendrons –  gorgeous flowering shrubs… Rhododendrons are beautiful woodland plants that easily thrive in your garden. Because many are broad-leafed evergreens, they add year-round interest.

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Garden Memories

Garden Memories …One of the most rewarding as well as most encompassing tasks I’ve faced as a gardener over the past 9 years has been the landscaping around our home  in BC’s Gulf Islands.

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Spring’s on the Way – Free Gardening Handbook

Here on the west coast, the first snowdrops are already in blossom, and Spring is in the air. Today, I’d like to introduce my friend, Mike McGroarty. Mike has worked with plants all his life, and

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EcoClear: Canada’s Leading Ecofriendly Vinegar Bioherbicide

Ecofriendly gardeners are always searching for more earth-friendly ways to garden, and the Ecoval company has come up with a winner. Weed control is one of the biggest chores any gardener faces. Most of

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How to Create a Step-Over Espalier Hedge

The ancient Romans were the first to espalier fruit trees, but the French really perfected the idea. The name, espalier, is from the French epaule, for shoulder. Why espalier? Well, it’s a challenge

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Winterize Your Herb Garden

Well, we arrived home from a week in sunny Las Vegas, welcomed by snow and below zero temperatures! Unusual for here on the west coast of Canada in mid-November. Luckily, I had taken care to winterize

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