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Spinach for Fall Planting

Right now in late August is a great time to plant some of the greens that hate hot weather, so you have fresh greens for the fall and early winter. Lettuce and spinach are best planted in early spring

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7 Landscaping Mistakes

We all want to have a beautiful yard, with easy care landscaping that is the envy of our neighbors. And, being a nation of do-it-yourselfers, many of us create our home landscape design by looking at garden

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Hens and Chicks – A Surprising Twist

For the first time this spring, my pot of hens and chicks – Sempervivum tectorum – has decided to flower! A complete surprise to me, and it’s been fascinating watching the flower stalk

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Three Flowering Shrubs

Favorite Flowering Shrubs Coming from cold harsh northern Alberta to BC’s mild and moist coast meant I had to learn a lot of new stuff about which plants worked and which didn’t. Every landscape

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7 Questions to Answer Before Choosing a Greenhouse

One of the major decisions a home gardener makes is that of installing a greenhouse. Since this can be a major expense, it is vital to explore all the options available. After all, you will have to live

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Choosing Your Outdoor Furniture

Now that spring is here, many people are shopping for outdoor furniture for the patio or deck. After all, nothing beats sitting out in the evening, enjoying the gardens that surround you in your yard,

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