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How to Have a Small Space Vegetable Garden

Small Space Vegetable Garden Ideas Want to grow some of your own vegetables, but don’t have much space? Not everyone has a yard with room for a garden, so we’ve put together some ideas for growing

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Home Garden Schedule for January

The Home Garden Schedule: January It’s January, and time to begin thinking about the home garden schedule for the coming year. Here on the West Coast, some areas have a smattering of snow on the ground.

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8 Tips for Bird Watching in your Yard

Bird Watching Tips Did you know bird watching is the second most popular pastime in North America, second only to gardening? I’ve been having a lot of enjoyment this fall and winter watching the birds

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The Winter Garden: Planning for Year Round Pleasure

The Pleasures of a Winter Garden   We have our first snowfall here at the west coast today – perhaps the only one this winter – and our winter garden is looking ethereal. The soft fluffy

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Winter Vegetable Soup to Warm You

Winter Vegetable Soup In the cold days of winter we need a warming winter vegetable soup for lunch – just the right comfort food. With a simmering pot of soup on the stove, and the delicious aroma of

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Does Your Area Have a Community Garden Program?

Starting a Community Garden Community gardens are growing in popularity, offering residents of cities and towns the chance to plant and enjoy their own vegetables. Whenever you drive through a rural area

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