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5 Things That Can Make You Happier

Although this article from Dr. Mercola doesn’t seem to have much to do with gardening, I’d add a 6th thing for happiness — get in touch daily with nature, and that can be achieved by

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Spring Has Sprung!

Here it is only February 19th, and it feels as if spring is here. My daylilies are a good 6 inches tall, forsythia is blooming, the primula blossoms are unfolding, and yesterday, in the afternoon sunshine

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Tips for Spring Planting: Container Plants

By Mike McGroarty More spring planting tips . . . Container grown plants are much easier. Follow the rules for depth of planting as described in the previous article. Before gently removing the plant from

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Tips for Spring Planting: Burlapped Plants

Written by Mike McGroarty. Spring means that the garden centers are packed with people, and car trunks are packed with plants. Everybody has dirt on their knees, dirt under their nails, and are excited

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Plant Vibrant Primulas for Early Spring Color

The arrival of early primroses in the garden centers or peeking through the last snow is a sign that spring really has arrived. Even the name primula, derived from the Latin primus meaning first, affirms

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The HyperTufa Manual

“The Hypertufa How-To Manual” is probably the most comprehensive eBook you’ll ever find on how to use hypertufa to make not only garden containers, but even decor and art for your garden,

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