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Intensive Vegetable Gardening

How To Grow More in Less Space Gardeners in the know use intensive vegetable gardening methods to grow and harvest the most possible produce in their garden space. Traditional gardens mainly consist of

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Container Vegetable Gardening

Container Vegetable Gardening 101 Container vegetable gardening is a great solution for anyone who wants organic vegetables, but doesn’t have garden space. It’s simple to go organic with container

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Time Saving Weeding Strategies

Be Diligent with your Weeding Strategies   Here on the wet west coast, weeds don’t take much of a break for winter. We gardeners need some time saving weeding strategies to hold the weeds at

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Herbs for Health and Healing

Herbs for Health and Healing Harvest the Healing Power of Medicinal Plants with Home Grown Herbs and Simple Remedies for Common Ailments. Just published on Amazon’s Kindle program, my new book

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Wild Spring Greens

Go Wild With Salads Springtime is the right time to gather some wild greens for some salad pick-me-ups! “Green” doesn’t completely describe wild salads very well, because you shouldn’t limit yourself

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Keep Seedlings Warm With this Unique Tunnel

Unique Idea to Keep Seedlings Warm Here’s a great re-purpose for those Christmas or Holiday lights. Why store them for eleven months when you can use them to keep seedlings warm this spring? This

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