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The Best Flowering Plants for a Fragrance Garden

Treat yourself by planting a fragrance garden What could be more wonderful than strolling through a flower garden full of enticing scents and fragrance and in riotous colour from spring through fall? Everyone loves a fragrant flower, whether it’s spicy, musky or sweetly scented. By selecting carefully, you can design and plant a fragrance garden to exude special […]

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growing tulips

Growing Tulips

  Quick Facts for Growing Tulips: Common name: Tulip Botanical name: Tulipa Group: Bulbous perennial Flowering time: Usually March to May Planting time: August or September Height: Varies, from 15cm (6in) to 75cm (30in); spread: 15cm (6in) Aspect: Full sun Hardiness: Fully hardy Difficulty: Easy Grow Tulips for Spring Color Growing tulips for your own ‘tulip […]

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dividing day lilies

How to Divide Day Lilies

What are Day Lilies? If you’re looking for a drought resistant, long lived, hardy  and easy to care for perennial to solve some of your landscaping problems, then day lilies (Hemerocallis spp) may be just what you’re looking for. With their arching sword like leaves and large trumpet shaped blooms, they create a colorful border or be […]

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