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Oriental Poppies – a Garden Favorite

Jazz up your garden with oriental poppies In my morning and evening walks, I’ve been noticing multitudes of oriental poppies adding vivid splashes of color to many gardens and public parks. Here

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Hens and Chicks – A Surprising Twist

For the first time this spring, my pot of hens and chicks – Sempervivum tectorum – has decided to flower! A complete surprise to me, and it’s been fascinating watching the flower stalk

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Plant Vibrant Primulas for Early Spring Color

The arrival of early primroses in the garden centers or peeking through the last snow is a sign that spring really has arrived. Even the name primula, derived from the Latin primus meaning first, affirms

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Grow Some Edible Flowers

Grow some edible flowers when you consider what to plant in your garden. Why not grow them in containers close to your kitchen door? With their bright colors and flavors ranging from sweet to spicy, they

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