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Pest Control in the Garden: Aphids

Pest Control in the Garden I’ve been looking at some of the natural methods of pest control in the garden. I got to wondering if there’s some connection between spit bugs (you know, those

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Plan a Deer Resistant Garden

Outsmart Bambi and Save Your Garden …Want to have a deer resistant garden? Living in deer country means you have to find ways to outsmart those pesky foragers. You can fence your property, and hope

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Deterring Garden Pests: Save Your Garden

Recipes and Remedies for Deterring Garden Pests …Deer, racoons, rabbits and squirrels – lovely to look at, but devastating to the unprotected garden. Arrgh! Those pesky deer cruised through

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Stop Deer Damage With Deer-Resistant Plants

Have you ever woken up to find that the neighborhood hungry deer have cut a wide swath through your beautiful gardens? After all your investment of time and money, this can be a devastating happening.

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How to Get Rid of Garden Slugs Naturally

Have you noticed little silvery trails on some of your chewed plant leaves? You just may have slugs in your garden. Slugs can be a big problem when it comes to plants and vegetables.  As vegetable gardeners,

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