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Does Your Area Have a Community Garden Program?

Starting a Community Garden Community gardens are growing in popularity, offering residents of cities and towns the chance to plant and enjoy their own vegetables. Whenever you drive through a rural area

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Winter Gardening: West Coast Style

Joys of Winter Gardening With few winter gardening chores, its nice to have a season where the outdoor work is minimal. I’ve just a little bit of clean-up to finish, and the occasional foray into

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Vertical Gardening: a Primer

Vertical Gardening: How grow more in less space Vertical gardening may be the answer you’ve been looking for to create a garden in a limited space. Urban gardening is a hot topic these days. Who

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16 Ideas for an Amazing Vegetable Garden

Looking for Vegetable Garden Design Ideas? What kind of a vegetable garden design would best suit your needs? Likely, it will depend on where you live, what kind of soil you have, and even the space that’s

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How to Attract Wildlife to Your Garden

How do you attract wildlife to your garden? Why would you want to attract wildlife to your garden? Okay – I know some kinds of wildlife just aren’t welcome in our gardens. Nobody wants rabbits

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How to Make Gardening Easier: My 9 Top Methods

Make Gardening Easier With These 9 Tips We gardeners are always searching for ways to make gardening easier. . There is always something to do – planning, planting, watering, weeding, harvesting… Most

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