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Healthy Garden: New Year Resolutions

Do You Have a Healthy Garden? How many people do you know that make New Year resolutions to get healthy and fit? And how many do you know who actually follow through? Instead of thinking about how you

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6 Essential Fall Garden Tasks

Putting the Gardens to Bed It’s that time of year when we look at that daunting list of essential fall garden tasks. Every one seems to have their list, whether it’s a mere 4 or 5 or this long list

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Raised Bed Gardening

Raised bed gardening, space efficient and attractive, presents a secure and valuable area for your plants, vegetables, and flowers to thrive. Whether for aesthetics or accessibility, modern gardeners are

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Healthy Garden: 9 Tips

Improve Garden Health As vegetable gardeners, many of us expect a heck of a lot from our small planted areas. Because the plants are often close together and fertilized beyond what nature would, they are

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Deterring Garden Pests: Save Your Garden

Recipes and Remedies for Deterring Garden Pests …Deer, racoons, rabbits and squirrels – lovely to look at, but devastating to the unprotected garden. Arrgh! Those pesky deer cruised through

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Natural Weed Control for Your Gardens

The Top 4 Natural Weed Control Activities   Have you got a handle on weed control in all your gardens? There’s an old gardener’s saying, “One year’s weed equals 7 years of

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