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Guerilla Gardening – Planting for Change

“Give a child a salad, she eats for a day — Teach a child to grow a garden, he eats for life” Community gardens solve many problems in cities. They feed people with fresh organic produce. They

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A Labor Of Love: Your Own Fruit Orchard

The days are getting shorter here, mornings misty and cool. Down the street, the maple on the corner flames in early morning sun. Through the woods and fields, leaves are already forming a golden carpet,

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How to Create a Step-Over Espalier Hedge

The ancient Romans were the first to espalier fruit trees, but the French really perfected the idea. The name, espalier, is from the French epaule, for shoulder. Why espalier? Well, it’s a challenge

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Winterize Your Herb Garden

Well, we arrived home from a week in sunny Las Vegas, welcomed by snow and below zero temperatures! Unusual for here on the west coast of Canada in mid-November. Luckily, I had taken care to winterize

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Perk Up Your Salads With Quick Spring Greens

By the time early spring rolls around, most of us are longing for something crisp, leafy and fresh that we can pick and enjoy from our own gardens. If you are looking for some quick growing greens and

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10 Tips for Successful Seed Starting

One of the most rewarding pursuits as a gardener is starting your own plants from seeds. The potential for beauty, fruitfulness and aroma locked up in each tiny seed is awesome. However, growing your plants

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