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How to Make Gardening Easier: My 9 Top Methods

Make Gardening Easier With These 9 Tips We gardeners are always searching for ways to make gardening easier. . There is always something to do – planning, planting, watering, weeding, harvesting… Most gardeners enjoy the time they spend working in their gardens, but there comes a point when garden tasks can pile up, making you […]

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window boxes

Window Boxes Jazz Up Your Home

Window Boxes Add Color and Charm And that’s true, whether you’re in an apartment, a suburban ranch-style house or a country farmhouse. Filled with bright flowers and cascading greenery, they will add a cheerful touch, enjoyable from both outside and inside. Types of window boxes Many types of window boxes are available. You can make […]

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New Zealand spinach

New Zealand Spinach: New Greens

New Zealand spinach in the garden Tired of your spinach plants bolting before you get to enjoy them in your salads? Why not plant New Zealand spinach this spring. New Zealand spinach is also known as Warrigal greens, Warrigal cabbage, kōkihi, sea spinach, Botany Bay spinach, tetragon and Cook’s cabbage. It is a warm season […]

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companion planting

Companion Planting – Does it Work?

Companion planting: growing 2 plants together that will benefit each other So what are those benefits? Companions improve plant growth – Legumes benefit their neighbours by enriching the soil with nitrogen. Companions help each other grow – Taller like corn plants can provide shade for sun-sensitive shorter plants like lettuce or beans Companions use garden space […]

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