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Seed Types – Seed Terminology

How to Understand Seed Catalog Terminology   The seed catalogs are starting to arrive in the mailbox, giving us a glimpse of spring to come. As gardeners, these are our winter dream books. They give

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Growing Tomatoes in Containers

Growing Tomatoes – My Favorite Method   For the past few years, I’ve switched to growing tomatoes in containers. There are several reasons for this, starting with losing all my tomatoes one

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Beets: Nutritious Root Vegetable

Beets: One of the Most Nutritious Root Vegetables Beets – love ‘em or hate ‘em – beets are an ideal part of a healthy diet. Regardless of how you feel about them, they rank high on my list

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Healthy Vegetables for Healthy Juices

Add Healthy Vegetables with Juicing Most of us would like to have more healthy vegetables in our diet, but it isn’t always easy to get them into your meals… or your children! Juicing is a simple and

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Kale: Its Many Faces

Kale – Beautiful and Nutritious Kale may be just what your garden needs. Are you looking for a plant that has multiple faces – nutritionally rich, easy to grow, hardy and beautiful enough to

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Raised Bed Gardening

Raised bed gardening, space efficient and attractive, presents a secure and valuable area for your plants, vegetables, and flowers to thrive. Whether for aesthetics or accessibility, modern gardeners are

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