EcoClear: Canada’s Leading Ecofriendly Vinegar Bioherbicide

Ecofriendly gardeners are always searching for more earth-friendly ways to garden, and the Ecoval company has come up with a winner.

Weed control is one of the biggest chores any gardener faces. Most of us hate the idea of chemicals that can remain on our food, permeate and pollute the soil, and even leach into the water table.
I’d never thought about using vinegar as a weed control, even though I’ve been looking for something easier than hands-on methods (commonly known as weeding). Eco-clear is a synergistic blend of acetic and citric acids. Many municipalities and lawn care professionals across Canada use it for weed control.

Here’s what the Ecoval Website has to say:

  • Results within hours, not days
  • Kills weeds by contact
  • Safe to pets once dried
  • Kills both annual and perennial weeds
  • Biodegradable, does not accumulate in soil
  • Does not harm mature tree bark
  • Replanting/ re-seeding can be done as soon as weeds completely die
  • Does not change soil PH
  • Does not pollute groundwater
  • Registered and Patented
  • Made in Canada

I used this on pesky dandelions that were springing up in a gravel pathway. Because the base was hard packed, they were almost impossible to dig out completely. The EcoClear did the job for me!

Watch it in action:

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