Free Resources

Ten Favorite Perennials E-Book is my first E-book, compiling ten of my favorite perennials, with information on how to grow them, and listing top cultivars.

The Gardener’s Secret Handbook, written by Michael J. McGroarty, is a free 18 page e-book that gives you simple techniques for gardening success from a professional gardener. You’ll love Mike’s style. While you’re on his page, have a peek at his other free information and sign up for his gardening tips. They’re well worth it.

How to Propagate Rhododendrons – Download this great little information sheet that will have you propagating your rhododendrons in no time. Learn the best time to take cuttings, and how to make sure your cuttings have the best chance to develop strong roots. Find out how to work with your new rooted cuttings so they grow into full branched shrubs.

Construction Plan for a Home Compost Bin:
Looking for plans for a rodent proof 3-part compost bin to build? This may be just what you’ve been looking for. The free 9 page plan gives you a complete materials and tool list, along with directions and diagrams to get you up and running. I’ve also attached directions for hot composting, using your new 3-part bin, along with a list of what you can compost and what you should never include. Happy Composting!