How Green is Your Greenhouse?

Greenhouses are a great way to grow quality healthy fruits and vegetable on your own all year round.   Recently, growing your own natural and organic gardens has become more and more popular. So it comes as no surprise that many people are now building eco-friendly greenhouses to help grow safe, high quality fruits and vegetables right at home.

While you may not have thought about it, growing your own vegetables is a great way to reduce your energy consumption. Your food doesn’t magically appear at the grocery store; it has to be shipped there, usually by truck, and sometimes from very far away.  That can take a lot of energy, which you save by growing your own food at home. So why waste all that good you’re doing by using a lot of energy in your greenhouse?

You can’t just use less heat in your greenhouse during the winter because that could have disastrous effects on your plants. Instead, invest in lower energy light bulbs and increased insulation in the winter. Even adding a layer of bubble wrap at night can cut down your energy by letting the heat in during the day and sealing it in at night. In some greenhouses, saving energy is as easy as opening the vents during the hot part of the day, and closing them during night-time cooling.

Because they don’t get rain water, greenhouse plants need to be watered, but what water you use makes a difference. The easiest solution is simply to collect the rainwater and use that to water the plants. You may be able to set up a simple gutter system can be rigged to run right to where you need it. You can also manually water with collected rainwater.

Another great water solution is to reuse grey water from other area of your house. Leftover from baths, boiling food, or even water that runs when you’re waiting for the sink water to warm up can be collected and used for watering plants. Do pay attention to what chemicals may be in your leftover water.

Making small adjustments to your greenhouse can actually make it a lot greener!

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