Hypertufa How-To

What is Hypertufa?

Are you tired of paying big dollars for useful garden containers? Sure, you want your containers to be attractive as well as useful, but you can pay over $100 for a large ceramic or terracotta container. Instead, why not make some containers from hypertufa.

Hypertufa planters are a lightweight and durable alternative to planters made out of concrete or terra cotta. They have a natural look to enhance landscaped areas and are porous enough that moss and lichens can form quickly on them. They are inexpensive and easy to make, and can be formed into just about any shape and size.

How to Make Your Own Garden Containers

ecover-lI’ve found a 100 page e-book that not only gives you the recipes to make hypertufa, but is chock-full of ideas for using hypertufa to make garden pots, ornaments, totems, troughs and stepping stones.

Learn how to create beautiful hypertufa garden art objects each and every time. This e-book has everything you’ll need to know to successfully produce long-lasting and beautiful hypertufa creations that will withstand all climates, year in and year out.

Everything you’ll need to know is explained, including: important safety considerations; how to avoid recipe failures; successful curing techniques; where to locate hard-to-find ingredients; and much much more.

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