Spring is a Time of Change

My favorite red tulips

My favorite red tulips

Things change fast in the spring garden. My tulips have been gorgeous this year – huge red ones with black and yellow centers and double white ones with ruffled petals.

White Tulip

White Tulip

Now they’re almost finished, but as they fade, the brilliant blue of the Siberian squill is adding color to the gardens.

Layers of Color

Behind them, the rhodos are starting to bloom. Pink, white and deep reds.

My favorite white rhodoEven the calendulas that made it through the winter are getting into the act. These hardy bloomers are looking a bit weathered, but still add their cheery gold to the garden.


Adding some brilliant fuchsias, the alpine currant is in full bloom, with its sprays of  tiny blooms that attract the bees. I lost one with our cold winter 2 years ago, but one of the volunteers from the dropped berries is doing a great job of taking over. Farther on, the flowering crab I planted last fall is also blooming and acting like a bee magnet.

Flowering CrabappleBoth the blossoms and the new burgundy leaves add even more color to the yard.

Don’t you just love spring!

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