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Does Your Area Have a Community Garden Program?

Starting a Community Garden Community gardens are growing in popularity, offering residents of cities and towns the chance to plant and enjoy their own vegetables. Whenever you drive through a rural area

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Composting: My Top 10 Reasons

Why should you add composting to your gardening activities? Here are 10 of my personal favorite reasons to compost.

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What is Worm Composting?

What is Worm Composting? Have you ever heard of vermiculture or worm composting? Simply put, it is a way to compost your kitchen waste with the help of worms.  Vermiculture makes composting really easy

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Make a Garden with Straw

Garden With Straw: Grow Veggies in Straw Bales What the heck is a straw bale garden, I wondered. How can veggies grow in straw bales? When I picked up the book, the sub-title really caught my eye: Straw

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The Best Recipe for Compost

How do you create a recipe for compost? Imagine yourself as a chef. To cook a delicious meal, you select the best ingredients and combine them in a certain way, and in measured quantities to create wonderful

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Did You Know These 7 Major Benefits of Composting?

Composting is actually easy, takes little time, and if done correctly, creates no bad odors. Here are my top 7 personal reasons for composting.

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