Three Flowering Shrubs

Favorite Flowering Shrubs

flowering shrubs

Coming from cold harsh northern Alberta to BC’s mild and moist coast meant I had to learn a lot of new stuff about which plants worked and which didn’t. Every landscape needs shrubs, and over the years as I worked on landscaping around our home, I kept discovering flowering shrubs that I’d never seen before. Three have become favorites of mine, and hold places in several areas.

Escallonia Pink Princess:

Escallonia pink princess flowering shrubs

Escallonia Pink Princess

The pretty pink flower heads of Escallonia pink princess attracted me first of all.

Supporting them are glossy deep green leaves that stay around all year long. I started out with one plant just to anchor the front bed, and as it rapidly grew and flowered, I came to love its color and vibrancy. Now ten of these grace my yard, six of which I started from cuttings three years ago and that now are over three feet tall. These are fast growers!

Two winters ago we experienced a two week stretch of -15 degree temperatures, and my favorites were for the most part frozen to the ground! I had to prune them back, in almost all cases to just a few stubby stems. Within that summer, I was thrilled to see all but one grow back, and now they are just as lovely as before.

flowering shrubs: escallonia red elf

Escallonia Red Elf

Escallonia Red Elf:

Four plants of Escallonia Red Elf joined its sister species three years ago. This one has smaller leaves and a less full growth pattern. The branches grow longer and tend to trail, easily rooting themselves where they are allowed to touch the ground.

I don’t think this one will ever reach the size of the Pink Princesses, which I have to continually prune back. They have perhaps doubled in size, but are very easy to keep under control. Right now, purple columbines have grown through them, and the resulting pairing with the deep red blooms of the Red Elf escallonia is lovely.

Ceanothus: Commonly called California lilac, these evergreen shrubs are another fast growing success story for me. They have small leaves and are right now in full bloom. The small heads of blue flowers are favorites of honey bees.

Just by stepping outside the dining room door to the deck, I can hear a constant hum as these busy insects go about their business of gathering nectar and pollen. The four plants that border the deck have at least tripled in size over three years, and as soon as their flowering is over, will need a severe pruning so they don’t take over!

flowering shrubs

Ceanothus in bloom.

These are only three of the flowering shrubs I’ve come to grow and love.

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