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Poisonous Plants: Do You Grow These?

Do you have poisonous plants in your garden? I’d bet you do – and you may not be aware some of the common plants and shrubs we all love can be dangerously poisonous plants. I started thinking

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The Best Flowering Plants for a Fragrance Garden

Treat yourself by planting a fragrance garden What could be more wonderful than strolling through a flower garden full of enticing scents and fragrance and in riotous colour from spring through fall? Everyone

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Perennial Borders: Spring Tasks

Spring Cleanup for Perennial Borders Spring is a good time to rejuvenate your perennial borders and gardens. If you’re at all like me, you enjoy the thought of getting out in the cool but pleasant

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Growing Tulips

  Quick Facts for Growing Tulips: Common name: Tulip Botanical name: Tulipa Group: Bulbous perennial Flowering time: Usually March to May Planting time: August or September Height: Varies, from 15cm

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How to Divide Day Lilies

What are Day Lilies? If you’re looking for a drought resistant, long lived, hardy  and easy to care for perennial to solve some of your landscaping problems, then day lilies (Hemerocallis spp)

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Color in Garden Design

Color in Garden Design… Just in from Lee Valley – one of my all-time favorite stores for anything and everything for the gardener… Each month they publish a newsletter, and this article

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