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Compost Stinks and Other Composting Myths

Composting Myths Exposed! Composting is a natural and simple process. So why isn’t everyone composting? Probably because they have read some of the composting myths and misconceptions about what’s

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Composting: My Top 10 Reasons

Why should you add composting to your gardening activities? Here are 10 of my personal favorite reasons to compost.

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Feeding the Soil

Feeding the Soil – Vital to Plant Health The vitality and health of the plants you grow depends on more than feeding them during the growing season. To have healthy plants your soil must have reserves

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What is Worm Composting?

What is Worm Composting? Have you ever heard of vermiculture or worm composting? Simply put, it is a way to compost your kitchen waste with the help of worms.  Vermiculture makes composting really easy

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Super Simple Composting

Composting: It’s Super Simple Fall is a great time to get your compost up and running, and ready for spring. It’s the time of year when you have all sorts of material at hand – leaves,

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Leaf Mould Compost

Leaf Mould – Compost Builder Right about now, here on the west coast, it’s a blustery day and the leaves are flying. Now I know that in other less temperate areas, the leaves are long gone. But no

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