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The Best Flowering Plants for a Fragrance Garden

Treat yourself by planting a fragrance garden What could be more wonderful than strolling through a flower garden full of enticing scents and fragrance and in riotous colour from spring through fall? Everyone

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Plants for a Shade Garden

Make a Shady Oasis in Your Yard Make an oasis in the shady spots in your  yard with plants that thrive in a shade garden. You can have a lovely display of greens and colors on the north side of a house,

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Favorite Climbing Plants: My Top Choices

Favorite Climbing Plants Make Gardening a Snap Climbing plants are a great element to include in a landscape design. They’ll climb up trellises, arbors and pergolas, decks, railings, and even

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Weed Control Techniques

Weed control techniques are high on any gardener’s list here on the West Coast (wet coast this winter!). No matter how particular you are in the fall, these pesky plants seem to crop up and green

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Pest Control in the Garden: Aphids

Pest Control in the Garden I’ve been looking at some of the natural methods of pest control in the garden. I got to wondering if there’s some connection between spit bugs (you know, those

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Which Flowers are Edible?

Do you know which flowers are edible?   Before you try eating blossoms from the garden, it’s important to know which flowers are edible. Some flowers are beautiful to look at, but poisonous, while

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