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Favorite Climbing Plants: My Top Choices

Favorite Climbing Plants Make Gardening a Snap Climbing plants are a great element to include in a landscape design. They’ll climb up trellises, arbors and pergolas, decks, railings, and even

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6 Fast Growing Groundcovers

Fast Growing Groundcovers for Difficult Spots There are times when any gardener needs a quick growing plant for fast covering of bare soil in beds or on a sloped bank. Perhaps you have just started a new

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Silvery Foliage – Drama for Your Garden

How to Add Drama to Your Garden A fast and easy way to add drama and contrast to your garden is by inter-planting some silvery foliage plants. Interspersed among the brighter greens and colorful blossoms,

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Purple Foliage Plants

Purple foliage plants: the royalty of the plant kingdom In ancient Rome, certain shades of purple were reserved for the rulers. Wearing purple by non-royals was punishable by death. This royal color in

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Color in Garden Design

Color in Garden Design… Just in from Lee Valley – one of my all-time favorite stores for anything and everything for the gardener… Each month they publish a newsletter, and this article

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Three Evergreen Ornamental Shrubs

Evergreen Ornamental Shrubs: 3 Garden Favourites Shrubs with evergreen foliage and attractive flowers are the bones of good landscaping. But do you know which ones will do well with your climate and

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