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Growing Strawberries: Sweet Taste of Spring

How to Grow Sweet Juicy Strawberries Sweet juicy strawberries, available in supermarkets and your local farmers’ market are a sure sign that the spring growing season has arrived. Here are tips

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Window Boxes Jazz Up Your Home

Window Boxes Add Color and Charm And that’s true, whether you’re in an apartment, a suburban ranch-style house or a country farmhouse. Filled with bright flowers and cascading greenery, they

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Companion Planting – Does it Work?

Companion planting: growing 2 plants together that will benefit each other So what are those benefits? Companions improve plant growth – Legumes benefit their neighbours by enriching the soil with

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A Labor Of Love: Your Own Fruit Orchard

The days are getting shorter here, mornings misty and cool. Down the street, the maple on the corner flames in early morning sun. Through the woods and fields, leaves are already forming a golden carpet,

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Growing Rhododendrons

Rhododendrons –  gorgeous flowering shrubs… Rhododendrons are beautiful woodland plants that easily thrive in your garden. Because many are broad-leafed evergreens, they add year-round interest.

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Perk Up Your Salads With Quick Spring Greens

By the time early spring rolls around, most of us are longing for something crisp, leafy and fresh that we can pick and enjoy from our own gardens. If you are looking for some quick growing greens and

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