garden planning

Garden Planning: Are You Organized?

Garden Planning

We’re into February (where did January go?) and its time to start begin seriously thinking about your garden planning for this year.

garden planning

Gardening, like most endeavours, needs planning. Good gardeners use these ‘indoor months’ to plan for the best possible vegetable garden.

Start with your current garden space, and make a sketch of how you planted it last year. Think about how it turned out – did you have a good or a poor harvest? Were any of your vegetables too crowded? Do you need to rotate your plantings this year? Did you plant too many tomatoes or too few carrots? Did make allowances for vegetables suited to fall harvests?

Draw up new plans on graph paper showing the changes you’ll make, so when spring arrives and you visit the local nursery, you know just what to buy.

Throughout the year, keep adding to your garden plan by recording your successes and your failures to keep you organized in the following years. Add some photos or sketches as you make your entries in your new garden planning record book.

Finally, remember that gardening should be fun, it is relaxing, and it is satisfying. Gardening is about savouring the smell of things growing, about getting dirty and loving it, and about taking the time to find peace and serenity among your plants. And just thinking about it, planning and dreaming of spring can make these winter days seem warmer.

Resources for You

I’ve collected these articles from the web to help you with your spring garden planning.

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Garden planning is easier with a plan book

Use a Garden Planner to help keep track of the successes and challenges, and simplify your next year’s garden planning. Here are some more choices, ones you can add to and keep for reference from year to year. Click on the images to view the planners, all available on Amazon.

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