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Greenhouse Plans

Greenhouse Plans: Build Yours This Weekend

I’ve come across a great e-book that’s an absolute ‘must have’ for anyone planning to add a greenhouse to their garden or back yard.

You’ll discover everything you could possibly need about building a greenhouse,  from choosing the kind of structure that would suit you best to picking the appropriate utilities and plants.

A wonderful resource with all sorts of  handy tips, all your questions are answered in this book – from planning to building and setting it up, preparing soil mixes, choosing the right plants, ways to irrigate, ventilation requirements, heating and cooling, pest management, and even harvesting.

This book is a complete guide to running and maintaining your own home greenhouse successfully.

“Building a Greenhouse Plans” will guide you through all the choices you will need to make as you plan your greenhouse.

What will you find in this book?

  • Full color step-by-step scale plans you can print off
  • How to build a good sized, sturdy and attractive Victorian style greenhouse perfect for a backyard garden
  • How to build a medium sized lean-to greenhouse that you can easily fit against any existing wall to save on space and materials
  • How to build a large hoop or arch greenhouse with inexpensive PVC piping and save a bucket load of money
  • How to build a small greenhouse grow rack that you can fit in even the smallest of backyards

You’ll also find detailed step-by-step instructions:

  • How to build a modular hot bed greenhouse that is perfect for growing vegetables and can easily be expanded to grow more
  • Discover what lighting system you should use depending on what type of plants you wish to grow
  • Learn the importance of ventilation and what type of ventilation system will work best in your greenhouse
  • How to select the correct materials for effectiveness, affordability and durability

There’s a lot more to this book, “Building a Greenhouse Plans” all of it easy-to-read essential information you need BEFORE you get started. Plus, the author includes 4 bonus e-books that will round out the information.

  • How To Keep Your Greenhouse Warm During Winter
  • How To Build A Greenhouse On A Budget
  • 10 Plants You Never Thought About Growing In A Greenhouse
  • Build A DIY Greenhouse Irrigation System

All this for just $29.95

Did you know that by building your own greenhouse you can save at least 50% over buying one?

Greenhouse plans

Greenhouse plans

Ready to find out more?

Be wise … do it now, before you run out and buy an expensive greenhouse. You may just find the exact plans you’ve been looking for!

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