How to Make a Christmas Wreath

A Herbal Christmas Wreath – “How To” Tips


Hung on the door or in a window, the Christmas wreath is seen as an invitation for the spirit of Christmas to enter your home and bring luck for the coming year. It also suggests that the Christmas spirit dwells within.


Christmas wreath


Christmas wreaths are one of the first decorations many of us hang. A decorative and fresh wreath welcomes visitors, with its rich scents and colors. This year, why not make your own wreath using  herbs and plants from your gardens.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • a big basket to carry your “found” plants
  • garden shears
  • a wreath base (craft stores carry them, made of straw bound with wire, or of twined grape vines. Either type will work well.)
  • florist’s tape or fine wire
  • long pins
  • needle nosed pliers to curl  and secure wire ends
  • ribbons and small ornaments (optional)

Take the basket and your sharpest shears, and look for inspiration in your yard and neighborhood wild spaces.

Many combinations of textures and colors can be used to make a wreath to complement your front door. Start with plants that make good fillers – santolina, Powis Castle artemisia, oregano, lavender and variegated sage are good starting plants. Perhaps you have a cedar or juniper hedge or tree that won’t mind a a bit of trimming. These plants are all fairly supple, as well as having lovely scents.

Cut pieces about ten inches long, and lay them carefully in the basket so they don’t get mixed up and tangled.

Next, look for plants that will add accents and color, like the flower heads of late chrysanthemums, statice flowers, monarda, yarrow or pussy toes (wild antennaria). Find some different textures, such as rosemary, fallen cones, and red holly berry bunches.

Christmas wreath

Start your wreath by using a length of the wire and pliers to make a u-shaped hanger, and insert it in the top back of the wreath form. Use the pliers to secure the wire ends into the wreath form.

The next step to create your own unique Christmas wreath is making full bundles of your filler and accent plants. Fasten them together with floral tape or wire, and trim the ends evenly. Keep the accent plants on top so they are visible.

Next, pin or wire the bundles to the base, starting about half way down. If your bundle of plants doesn’t completely cover the width of the wreath base, place two or three side by side.

Work around the wreath, covering the stem ends of the previous bundles each time. With the last bundles, make sure you tuck the stem ends under the foliage of the very first bundle.

At this point, you’ll want to hang your wreath, and have a good look at it. Does anything need to be tucked in, covered or trimmed to tidy it up?

Use some of the smaller pieces left over, or some of the decorative items as accents tucked into spaces. Add some colorful ribbon spiralling around the wreath or as a bow near the bottom, and you’re all done!

You can leave your wreath flat to dry, or hang it up immediately. Some shifting may occur if you hang it, so keep an eye on it.

Hang your lovely unique Christmas wreath on your front door, and it will welcome your visitors with color, fragrance and beauty.


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