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Herbs for Health and Healing

People just like you and me are turning to more natural and less invasive methods to solve health issues and achieve a vibrant lifestyle.

Did you know pharmaceuticals kill more than 100,000 Americans a year, according to JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association)? Most commonly prescribed pharmaceuticals have extensive lists of side effects that can cause further health problems.

You owe it to your body to learn how to become healthier in a safer and more natural way.

In this introductory book, Herbs for Health and Healing, you’ll find a short background of historical herbal lore, the benefits of using medicinal herbs, how to grow and prepare your own herbal remedies, and much more.

An Excellent Book Filled With Useful Facts, March 12, 2015, By ArthurW

A really good introduction and outline to herbs and herbal remedies. There is a lot packed into this book that is obviously written by an expert on the subject. The author covers everything from introducing medicinal plants, problems and ailments, advantages and possible risks of using herbal remedies right through to how to grow them. There are 21 plants explained including all the common ones from nettle to dandelion and from hawthorn to bergamot – how to grow them and get the most from them. The author also explains how to prepare different plants in different ways. All in all this is a fact-filled book (that is a lot easier to read than Culpepper’s Herbal)”

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How to Preserve and Enjoy Your Garden Herbs

Love to garden and cook? Looking for ways to keep some of those aromatic and flavor-enhancing herbs for use over the winter when your garden is asleep?

This short but comprehensive guide to freezing, drying and preserving your herb garden’s bounty is just for you. We’ve even included a few recipes to get you going.

It’s a short read, yes, but it’s packed full of all the right information, without a bunch of fluff.

“Very precise and to the point, January 7, 2013
AngelicMom “Angel” (Portage, IN USA) –
This is a quick read but it is to the point-there are some nice tips. She explains what herbs work well with what oils, vinegars, etc. Excellent book for the topic of preserving your fresh herbs. I look forward to reading more from her.”

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Growing Culinary Herbs

Growing Culinary Herbs will fascinate and inspire you to grow your own herbs. Discover how easy it is to start growing an herb garden according to your local conditions and climate. Find out how to design your space to the best advantage, and which herbs to include.

The detailed plant by plant guide to the 21 most common culinary herbs will guide you in selecting the best possible herbs for your home herb garden.

The section on using your fresh herbs in the kitchen rounds out this comprehensive book.

A short recipe section is included, giving you even more ideas on how to include these tasty, aromatic plants in your meals.

“Useful book for all of us herb lovers! June 17, 2013
By E. N. Heenk
A useful book for all of us who are into gardening and growing our own herbs. It gives practical tips on where particular herbs grow best and whether they prefer moist or dry soil. I now know that I needn’t water my pots with thyme and rosemary that much in summer, and that eating fresh parsley after dinner has the effect of breath freshener! Really useful, also if you want to read some good and simple recipes.”

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The Under Cover Gardening Guide

Both novice and experienced gardeners can add months of gardening pleasure with a little under-cover gardening know-how. This book shows you many methods to extend your growing season so you can harvest and enjoy your own fresh organic produce year-round.

The author, an experienced gardener, discusses both temporary and permanent ways to shelter your plants under cover. This book takes you from simple home made cloches that protect a single plant to a detailed section on the ultimate gardening structure – the greenhouse.

A direction for building your own simple cloches, hoop tunnels and cold frames are included, as well as links to downloadable plans for building your own greenhouse.

“Good Fundamental Text March 12, 2014
By mompantero
I have been gardening for more than 40 years and today operate a small vegetable farm. I read a lot of books about growing because I always learn something from the authors. This was a really good little book, easy to read and loaded with helpful information for people not accustomed to cold weather growing. Does a nice job of reviewing the benefits and disadvantages of each method that people new to these methods would find very helpful.”

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Composting Made Easy

How to Reduce Waste, Save Money and Make Natural Compost in Your Backyard

Have you hesitated in making and using compost because you:

  • have no idea of how to start
  • think it will be smelly and time consuming
  • don’t want such a messy process in your backyard
  • prefer the convenience of buying fertilizers, soil amenders, conditioners, and mulch from a garden shop
  • are not sure what materials you can compost

This book addresses all those topics and a lot more.You’ll find everything you need to begin composting, whether you’re an acreage dweller or live in an apartment. The section, Composting for Beginners describes the equipment you’ll need and the many types of composting bins. Methods for backyard composting are described in detail, including a full list of what to add to your compost pile and what to never include. Living in a condo or apartment? The section on Urban Composting is for you. And once you’ve made the decision to start composting, you’ll discover the many ways you can use the rich soil amendment you’ve created from kitchen and garden waste.

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