Tips for Gardeners From Around the Web

This week I’ve had fun exploring articles on the web, and I’ve gathered together some crafty ideas and smart tips for gardeners to share with you. Seed starting tips, container gardening tips – there’s something for all home gardeners here!

 Tips for Gardeners

1. Make your own paper pots for seed starting with this cool tool from Lee Valley. Or simply use a wine bottle (empty, of course.)

2. Here’s a crafty tip for growing tomatoes the string way – forget the cages and spiral supports. This is simple and it works!

3. A list (with photo slides) of 20 very clever gardening tips. I love #1, #5, #15 and #16 – What’s your favourite?

4. If you’re not yet on Pinterest, start exploring the pages, pictures and posts that gardeners from around the world are sharing here. Many great tips for gardeners are shared daily. Here’s a selection of tips and ideas gathered and pinned by Doug Harrington.

Have you set up your account so you can share your tips, books, photos with the world?

5. Use empty litre pop bottles to make your own self watering planters  – from Cool DIY Ideas:

6. Lots to learn about seed starting in this article. The author includes photos and a video along with her tips and tricks. Don’t throw away those clear plastic containers with attached lids – they make super mini greenhouses to raise seeds.

7. And more tips for successful seed starting here:

8. Have you ever wondered what vegetables or fruits to grow in containers? Sunset has some suggestions for you.


Have fun checking out these tips for gardeners, and let me know what you’ll put into practice this year.


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