A Labor Of Love: Your Own Fruit Orchard

apples and pearsThe days are getting shorter here, mornings misty and cool. Down the street, the maple on the corner flames in early morning sun. Through the woods and fields, leaves are already forming a golden carpet, crunching underfoot as I walk in the crisp afternoon sun.

Yesterday, I sliced apples from my brother-in-law’s mixed orchard and dried them in my convection oven. Preserving apples this way brings the warm sweetness of summer and fall to winter days.

Today, the Lee Valley Newsletter had a detailed and fascinating article about one gardener’s labor of love – creating her own fruit orchard.
Edythe Falconer has been a volunteer with Master Gardeners of Ottawa-Carleton since 1999, and with Friends of the Farm since 2004. She regularly writes for local newspapers and gardening newsletters, and does presentations for various gardening groups.

Download the pdf here: Plant Your Own Orchard

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Grow Your Own Apples

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